Video Diagnostic Endoscopy

Video Diagnostic Endoscopy with our Gainesville Veterinarians

When veterinarians examine a sick or injured animal, they must rely on a number of techniques to help them determine the source of the problem. In some cases, visualizing the internal structures of the animal is necessary to detect the extent of damage or disease. Endoscopy uses tiny instruments that are inserted into the animal’s body to “see” the condition of these organs. Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center in Gainesville offers video diagnostic endoscopy to help provide the highest quality of care for your pets.

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Understanding Video Endoscopy

An endoscope is an instrument used to look inside the body. The devices are used in veterinary care much the same way they are used for human medical care. The technology consists of a rigid or flexible tube that has a tiny camera at the end that transmits an image of the organ onto a video screen for detailed analysis. In this way, a veterinarian can see the internal structure of an organ, to detect cellular changes, tissue damage from an injury, foreign objects inside the body or other problems. Animals are anesthetized for this process, and their vital signs are carefully monitored to ensure their safety.

How Video Endoscopy Is Used

Video diagnostic endoscopy may be used to detect problems with the respiratory system, in the gastrointestinal system, to view internal structures of the urinary or reproductive systems and to see the condition of organs in the abdomen. The images projected onto the video screen provide a detailed view that allows veterinarians to detect abnormalities and design appropriate treatments. The video images can be recorded for consultation with other veterinary professionals and can be saved for comparison with images taken later in treatment, to measure progress. Endoscopy can be a critical tool for saving the lives of pets that are sick or injured.

Make Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center Your Gainesville Vet

The veterinarians at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center work as a team to utilize their combined knowledge and experience to provide a range of veterinary services for their animal patients in Gainesville and surrounding communities. State-of-the-art equipment and the most current techniques ensure that we can provide care for a variety of conditions. Call Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center today at 352-373-8055 for an appointment to learn more about how video diagnostic endoscopy can help to keep your pet healthy and active.


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