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Class IV Laser Therapy from Your Gainesville Veterinarian

When most people think of lasers, they think of a hot beam of light that cuts things apart. While there are plenty of such lasers out there, there are also other laser options that are much less invasive – and offer great opportunities for healing in a veterinary setting. Class IV laser therapy from your Gainesville veterinarian uses a cold laser to penetrate deeply to the source of your pet’s inflammation, injury, and discomfort, bringing much-needed relief in a non-invasive way. We are proud to offer this cutting-edge therapy to all our clients at Millhopper Veterinary.

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What is Class IV Laser Therapy?

Although there are several different companies marketing cold laser therapy under brand names, all use the same basic technology. Cold laser therapy uses a laser that is cold to the touch, one that penetrates as deeply as necessary to get to the site on an injury or inflammation. The patient usually feels little beyond a warming sensation during treatment, so pets do not need to be sedated.

The laser affects cells in a way that encourages the body’s own healing process. Pain is often reduced, leading to a quicker recovery following an injury or a surgery.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Help?

We use cold laser therapy to help with a variety of conditions, including:

Managing Pain

While pain can be managed using pharmaceuticals, we prefer to seek less drastic solutions. Cold laser therapy has no side effects, so it is a risk-free way to try a non-invasive therapy that does help to alleviate pain. Even if it cannot alleviate it completely, laser therapy can help to reduce the need for painkillers.


The quicker the soft tissues heal and grow stronger, the shorter time it will take to get through the rehabilitation process. Cold laser therapy can make rehab go more quickly, as well as reducing a lot of the pain so common with rehab.


Cold laser therapy has been showing to speed up the healing time of wounds. While results may vary, it is certainly worth trying cold laser therapy in combination with other treatments to speed up the time the wound heals.

Easy on Pets

Most of the time pets do not have to do anything special to go through treatment. The hair can remain unclipped, pets can remain unseated and the treatment only takes a matter of minutes – so no need to be patient for too long. Many owners report that their pets start to show noticeable improvements after only 3 to 8 treatments. In a matter of a week or two, your pet can start to feel better, heal faster and get back to his or her old life.

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