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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Dermatology at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center

When your cat is scratching obsessively, displaying an ugly rash or hair loss, or harboring a suspicious lump, you're right to ask questions. Check out these answers to frequently asked pet dermatology questions here at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center in Gainesville, FL.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Pet Skin Irritation and Rashes?

Skin irritation in pets may be due to a number of factors. Common causes include allergies, injuries, pest-related problems such as flea bites or mites, and fungal or bacterial infections.

How Do Fleas Cause Skin Irritation?

The saliva in flea bites is a known allergen, producing a reaction called contact dermatitis. That's why your pet is compelled to scratch or lick these itchy bites. If the skin breaks, bacteria can infect it.

Can a Food Allergy Cause a Skin Rash in My Pet?

Food allergies cause the body to release large amounts of histamine. This substance not only contributes to digestive and respiratory upsets; it can also raise hives and leave your pet with a skin rash.

What Other Allergies Affect the Skin?

In addition to food allergies and pest-related reactions, a variety of other triggers can cause skin symptoms. These include perfumes, household chemicals, airborne pollutants, and allergens in plant sap.

What Are the Reasons for Hair Loss in Pets?

Hair loss in pets is often caused by a fungal condition called ringworm. Sarcoptic mange is another common cause of hair loss in various spots on a pet's body.

What Do Skin Lumps Mean?

Many skin lumps are simply benign tumors, but some can turn out to be skin cancer. If you feel such a lump on your pet's body, it's always wise to get it checked.

How Does Your Gainesville Vet Center Diagnose Skin Problems?

Our Gainesville vet center checks for sin problems during annual wellness exams, but we can perform an evaluation whenever you're worried about a skin condition. In addition to external inspections, we can remove lumps for biopsy, perform allergy testing, and check for infections and infestations.

What Treatment Options Do You Provide?

If your pet has a skin problem, trust him to our expert care. We can prescribe special diets or medications to fight allergies, antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs for infections, skin cancer treatment as needed, and other remedies to restore your pet's skin to health.

Our Gainesville Clinic Can Resolve Your Pet's Skin Issues

Let Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center answer your questions and resolve your pet's skin issues. Call our Gainesville clinic at 352-373-8055 today to request an appointment so we can start looking for answers!


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