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Protect Your Pet from Heartworm Disease and Other Outdoor Parasites

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Protect Your Pet from Heartworm Disease and Other Outdoor Parasites

Summer is fast approaching, and your pets probably love the warm weather and fresh air the season provides. While summer weather offers lots of healthy exercise for your pets, it's also the time when one of your pet's most dangerous enemies comes around: heartworm. This deadly parasite is spread only through the bite of a mosquito that's bitten other infested pets.

Once infected, your pet can have no symptoms at all until the worms reach a size and number large enough to seriously damage or kill a dog or cat. The only way to know if your pet needs heartworm treatment is with a blood test, and at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center we recommend that all of our patients be tested every year during their annual wellness examination.

Gainesville Veterinarian Talks Heartworm Prevention

When mosquitoes bite infected dogs or cats, they receive blood that includes tiny heartworm organisms. If this same mosquito bites your pet, these organisms can be spread into your pet's bloodstream. Keeping your pet indoors can't keep your dog or cat safe, as mosquitoes can fly into any house during warm months when they're active. The only way to keep your pet safe from heartworm disease is by taking preventative medicine on a regular basis.

While heartworm medication is important for every pet's health, it's especially crucial to make sure your cat has been protected. There is currently no approved treatment for cats who develop heartworm, so the only way to keep them safe is to medicate them to prevent the infection from happening.

Preventing heartworm is a simple procedure for both cats and dogs. It comes in a chewable monthly dose, but it's important that you keep track of the date your administer it and keep to a strict schedule. Keeping your furry friend safe from heartworm disease is very easy to do, and your pet will be grateful for it.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Gainesville, FL?

Keeping your pet healthy and happy all year long starts with good preventative medical procedures like wellness exams and medication. In addition to heartworm prevention, we offer flea and tick prevention, pet wellness examinations, vaccinations, pet dental care, weight and nutritional advice, and a long list of other veterinary services. If your pet hasn't seen a veterinarian in at least a year, or if you haven't looked into heartworm prevention yet, call our office at 352-373-8055. We'll schedule an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle, and get your pet on the road to protected good health.


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