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Your First Pet-Friendly Road Trip

dog going on his first road trip

Your First Pet-Friendly Road Trip: What To Pack and How to Prepare

Road trips with your pet require a bit of preparation to make sure your pet is safe so that you can both relax and enjoy new sights and experiences. Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center offers travel tips for enjoying road trips with your pet this summer.

Preparing for Your Pet’s Road Trip

Plan your travel route and make reservations at a pet-friendly lodging. Schedule frequent stops to allow your pet to go to the bathroom along the way. Let your veterinarian give the animal a pre-trip checkup to ensure all is well. Make sure vaccinations and parasite prevention measures are up to date. Check the seat belts in your vehicle to ensure you are able to secure your pet’s carrier.

What To Pack Travel Tips

A wide variety of pet carriers are on the market. Make sure you get your pet used to being in the carrier ahead of time, to reduce stress while on your trip. Take a few “practice runs” around the neighborhood to ensure the animal feels comfortable in the carrier while the vehicle is moving. Put together a pet supply bag with two leashes and collars, water bowl, food bowl, a few toys, water, food, treats and plastic bags for waste pick-ups. It’s also a good idea to bring the pet’s bed, vaccinations records, paper towels for cleanups and some carpet cleaner. An old towel will come in handy if you’re caught in the rain and don’t forget your pet’s medications.

Ensuring Safety on Your Pet-Friendly Road Trip

Make sure pets are microchipped to ensure they can be returned to you in case of an unexpected escape. A collar with an engraved tag that has your cell phone number will add another measure of safety. Keep plenty of water on hand, along with the pet’s bowl to prevent dehydration as you travel. Always remember that the temperature inside a vehicle interior can rise quickly to dangerous levels. Even on cloudy days, high humidity in the summer can make your vehicle a hazardous environment. Never leave your pet in the car in hot weather without supervision. A cracked window does not offer enough protection from hot temperatures, and your road trip could have a tragic end for your pet.

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