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7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend for Pet Appreciation Week

Our Gainesville, FL Veterinarian 7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend for Pet Appreciation WeekGainesville, FL Veterinarian

Pet Appreciation Week is officially June 4-10 this year, so our Gainesville veterinarian at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center offers these eight fun and easy suggestions on how to celebrate this special week your cherished buddies.

1. Take your pet to a local shop and let them pick out a toy that draws their interest. You might want to get a few treats also to reward them after an exciting playtime with their newest ‘prize.’

2. Pamper your fur boss with a pampering spa day. A freshly cleaned coat, soothing brushing and a new hairdo will make your pet feel super appreciated.

3. Visit your Gainesville, FL veterinarian to get their vaccines updated. While they may not appreciate the vet visit itself, by protecting their health you’re showing them a lifetime of love and appreciation with these essential preventive measures.

4. Consider investing in pet health insurance. Because your pet won’t be aware of this protection you provide for them, you will want to follow a few other tips here, too.

5. Give your lonely pet the gift of companionship by adopting a sibling from a local rescue shelter that will bring two pets joy all year long.

6. Start a neighborhood play group for your pet and their favorite friends. Choose a fenced in back yard, an area pet park or another place that is suitable for your particular pet. They’ll love you even more after a fun outing with playmates.

7. Be sure to take time to cuddle and play with your pet every day beyond Pet Appreciation Week. After all, you mean the world to them!

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