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How To Weatherproof Your Home For Your Pet

Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center Offers Advice on Weatherproofing Your Home

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Like people, pets are affected by changes in weather and can sometimes develop health problems because of it. Even in Florida, the weather can dip into the 40s, creating chilly conditions for pets that may not be accustomed to it. Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center can ensure your pet’s health, whatever the weather and recommends a number of measures to keep your pet comfortable during the cooler months.

Weather-stripping Under Doors

Because pets generally spend all their time at floor level, they are often the first ones to experience the cold drafts that come through the separations under exterior doors. Attaching rubber weather-stripping at the bottoms of these doors will help to eliminate the cold drafts that can lead to respiratory infections or chilled, aching joints. If your pet seems uncomfortable, keep a dog or cat sweater on hand to take off the chill.

Caulking Around Windows

Kittens and cats often like to sit at windows and watch the birds or people walking outside. This habit can expose them to chilly drafts from loose window frames. If you apply a bit of caulking around the windows, you will not only keep out cold drafts, you will also help to keep cooled air from escaping through the cracks during the warmer months.

Cozy Bed or Blanket

You should also provide your pet with a bed or blanket appropriate for his or her size during the cool months. This measure will help to keep the animal off the chilly floor surface and will protect tender joints.

Interior and Exterior Mats

Mats placed at the outside and inside of home entrances will help to keep your home cleaner, both during the dry season of Florida winters and the rainy season of summer. In this way, your pet will not track in dirt and allergens from the outdoors to help your home stay cleaner and healthier.

Make Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center Your Gainesville Veterinarian

The veterinarians and staff at Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center believe every pet deserves individualized attention to help them achieve their optimum levels of health. We offer a wide range of services for your pet, including mobile vet services, pick-up and delivery, as well as boarding for pets while you’re away from home. Call Millhopper Veterinary Medical Center today at 352-373-8055 for an appointment to ensure your pet is healthy and ready for cooler weather.


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